Skills Assignment

I decided to focus on learning more about Mapbox to make better custom maps

Enhanced Tree Map

First, I added some functionality to the Mapbox map I made for my Pittsburgh Dataset Project about the trees in Pittsburgh. I added some filtering functionality so you can filter the trees in the heatmap by how healthy they are. You can now also hide the heatmap layer if you just want to look at the plain map without any data so you can see the streets and neighborhoods better.

Trees Map

Custom Points

I made this map so that you can add custom points by searching for a location and then putting info about that location into a modal that pops up. You can add a title and description to the location as well as pick a color for its dot on the map. Any points you add will be stored in localStorage, which means they they will be remembered by your browser when you revisit the page.

Enter a location to add it to the map.


I made this map to play around with polygons on the map instead of just points. I then colored the states besed upon their "census area" which I think is physical size. I also added popups with the state's name and flag.

This is a map of states colored by their census area